“You don’t have to be great at the start, but you need to start to be great.” -author unknown

I found optimism – it was on TV last night.

I don’t watch much television. I feel that most of it is either a waste of time or trying to put fear into you (the news), or trying to make you buy something. I’ll watch Yankee games, some Tennis Channel and DVDs, that’s pretty much it.

Well last night, the great Melissa Sapio called me and left a message saying, “There’s something you might want to watch at 10pm.”

Boy, was she right! The show was called “Michael J. Fox: Adventures of an Incurable Optimist.”

It was amazing.

Michael J. Fox, famous for his roles in “Family Ties,” “Spin City” and “Back to the Future,” was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 1991. Instead of becoming a pessimist and asking why (Why me?), he became an optimist and asked how (How can I make the most of this?).

The show was about optimism, and how you can find it anywhere in the world.

You can find it in Lance Armstrong – who feels that his life is better because of his challenges.

You can find it in the man who hands out free newspapers in New York City – who feels that you can choose to be optimistic every day.

You can find it in dairy farmers – who now work together and think outside the box in times of trouble.

You can find it in Bhutan – where happiness is a national pastime.

You can find it at Wrigley Field – where their Chicago Cubs are cursed, but fans still feel that every season is a new one and that “this is the year.”

And finally, you can find it in Bill Murray on the golf course – who instantly got it when Michael J. Fox said, “It’s about doing the right thing.” He also said that it’s not about winning, it’s about accepting yourself.

Other quotes I liked…

“I have gratitude in everything I do.”

“Do what you love.”

“Be optimistic, it’s contagious.”

I think that some people are born optimistic, but everyone can become optimistic. It’s a choice.

You don’t need a lot of money to be optimistic. You don’t have to live in a certain part of the world. You just have to have the right mindset.

The show ended with Michael J. Fox taking his last shot on the golf course. He said, “This is gonna be the best shot of the day…”

And it was.

Thanks for reading.

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