“Laughter is an instant vacation.”
-author unknown

Today’s message is especially dedicated to the great Heather Allsup in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Yesterday, I took a yoga class with yoga master, Karuna. It was fantastic; I should have known with a singular name like Karuna. She’s like Prince or Madonna. I am really getting into this yoga thing. Today was my fifth class in the past week.

It’s tough to pinpoint one reason why I’m so addicted to yoga. It definitely helps me stay in the present, by forcing me to focus on my breathing. I also feel more flexible and mindful of my body and my surroundings. Yoga also helps me stay relaxed when the pressure’s on, because holding some of the poses can be challenging, but that usually comes from the mind. It is supposed to be challenging so that other things in your life become easier.

I really enjoyed yesterday’s class because at the end, we performed a laughing meditation. Karuna told us a joke and then we all started laughing. At first, we were faking our laughter, but then we all started really laughing because everybody else was laughing. It was hilarious.

I will now share that joke with you and then I want you to perform a laughing meditation (if you are alone). If you are at work or in a public place, laugh to yourself or just smile. Do this for about one minute and see how you feel. Laughter relieves stress when the pressure’s on. Try it next time you’re about to do something that makes you nervous.

Joke: Why don’t Buddhists vacuum in the corners?

Answer: Because they don’t have any attachments!




Now go and enjoy your day.

Thanks for reading.

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