Message # 76 Checklist For Winners

This message is especially dedicated to the great Tara O’Connor. Thanks for getting back in touch.

Many people ask me what it takes to become a winner. Here are my thoughts…

You are a winner if:

-You take action regardless of how you feel
-You act like a champion before you become a champion
-You focus on the process, not the product
-You help others
-You have gratitude for all that you have
-You visualize
-You seek out the experts
-You have a good team around you
-You fail forward
-You have goals
-You use a loss as a source of information
-You have fun!
-You do whatever it takes
-You are mindful
-You take care of you body as much as you do your mind
-You ask “How?” instead of “Why?”
-You practice with a purpose
-You focus on quality, not quantity
-You strive for excellence, not perfection
-You surpass expectations
-You realize that you control your destiny
-You are ethical
-You are passionate about what you do

“There’s plenty of room at the top, but not much company.”

Homework: Be a winner

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