Today’s message is especially dedicated to the great Chris Wu.

Caring is good. Worrying is not.

There’s a difference. You could care to do well in a tennis tournament, but if you worry about if you’re going to do well, then you’re in trouble. Look below at the two different mental scenarios that could take place…

Scenario #1: It’s before your first round match in a tennis tournament and you are really excited to compete and do well. You really WANT to win. You can’t wait to test all the strategies that you’ve been working so hard on in practice.

Scenario #2: It’s the same tournament, but you are worried that you will perform poorly. You start to get nervous and worry about what will people think if you lose.

How do you think you will perform in each scenario?

I met a great young lady recently who is worried about taking her LSATs. I hope she reads this blog because…

Caring makes you powerful.

Worrying makes you weak.

Care enough to work hard, but don’t worry about the results. They will come as a by-product of focusing on the process.

Thanks for reading.

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