So there once was a construction worker named Bob…

Every day when the lunch whistle blew, all of the construction workers would get together and have lunch.

Well, every day, Bob would open up his lunch box, and exclaim, “Son of a gun! A cheese sandwich again?! I hate cheese sandwiches!” He complained about his cheese sandwiches day after day until one of his co-workers finally said, “Fer chrissakes, Bob, why don’t you tell yer old lady to make you somethin’ different?”

Bob replied, “Old lady? I’m single and I make my own sandwiches.”

What are you doing over and over again and complaining about? If you want different results, you have to take different action. The best way to predict the future is to create it.

How are you practicing?
How are you working?
How are you studying?

We all make our own sandwiches every day.

What are you having today?

Thanks for reading.

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