Yesterday I got re-certified in CPR.

Everyone should get certified in CPR. Today I’m going to certify you.

Let me explain…
Do you learn CPR when someone has a heart attack?

No, you learn CPR so you can help someone when they have a heart attack.

I want you to learn mental CPR – the ability to relax, perform under pressure, focus, and stay motivated, so you can use it when you need it.

It amazes me how most people practice under low-pressure situations, and then wonder why they break-down in competition.

The more you can relax when the pressure’s on, the better you will perform. The more you can focus when there are many distractions, the better your results.

Learn it, then use it.

Here’s part of your training…

Just sit for two minutes observing the rising and falling of your abdomen. Don’t force it, just let it rise and fall naturally. If thoughts arise, just accept them, and let them go. If you hear sounds, be aware of them and let them go.

Practice this technique and then you can use it anytime you are nervous, anxious, negative or scared. It brings you back to where the power is – the present moment.

Keep visiting this blog to continue your certification.

Thanks for reading.

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