Secrets From a World Champion…

Lee Kemp was the first American to win three world wrestling titles (1978-79 & 1982), and hold the distinction of being the youngest American to win a gold medal in the World Championships, at 21 years old at the 1978 World Championships.

When I spoke to Lee yesterday, I asked him what his secret to success was. “The best way to predict future performance is to put yourself in that situation.” Mr. Kemp said that you need to take the time, make it challenging and simulate a pressure situation. “Most people just practice.” He says to put the pressure on and practice with the best.

The beauty of my blog, in my opinion, is that all of my messages can apply to any aspect of life. So how can you learn from Lee Kemp, wrestling legend? Practice a realistic situation, push yourself, and train with the best. This works in tennis, school, work, relationships, and fitness/nutrition.

Homework: Next time you practice, put yourself in a realistic situation and when you actually encounter that, you will be more relaxed and perform better because it will seem familiar to you.

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