Message # 118 This Message Could Change Your Life

This message is especially dedicated to the great Paolo Colandrea. Who is Paolo Colandrea? Find out in tomorrow’s blog.

The quote below could change your life…

“Almost all the successful people in the world are NOT the most intelligent or talented. They become successful because they WANT to become successful.” – Ed Tseng

You can call it whatever you want…want, desire, drive, or motivation. Society tells us that if we do well in school, we will be successful, but the truth is, success in school is pretty much who can absorb the most information. That is how we are graded. There are plenty of people out there that did great in school who are unsuccessful or even unemployed. Why is that? A big part of this is because they don’t have the DRIVE in them; the BURNING DESIRE. They may want to succeed, who doesn’t? But they don’t really WANT to succeed; there’s a difference. The most successful people want success badly. School doesn’t show us who those people are.

So no matter what point you are in your life or what your past conditions have been, you can still become successful. I truly believe that ANYONE can become successful if they want it badly enough and have the belief that it will happen.

Thanks for reading.

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