You Can Create Your Destiny…

Do you believe that you can create your own destiny? Just think about the choices you’ve made in your life in just the past several years…have they made a difference in your life? Would your life be different if you had made different decisions? I know my life would be totally different. I would still be working for someone else, working more and making less. Now, I am my own boss and can do things the way I like and create my destiny. So I believe that yes, you CAN create your own destiny and this is how you do it..

Choose your decisions wisely. THINK before you take action. When I was listening to Tony Robbins, he said that biography is not destiny, DECISIONS shape our destiny. Robbins also says that many people hold themselves back because of their current “conditions.” These conditions might be financial status, friends’, family’s beliefs, job, skills, etc. Those things are factors, but you can still take action regardless of your conditions.

In order to achieve success, I believe, you need to have the will to do it and the belief that it will happen.

Homework: Do something today that will make your desired destiny come true tomorrow.

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