The only limits we have in this world are the ones we put on ourselves.

During my TEDxPrincetonLibrary talk, I mentioned the greatest joke—the one we tell ourselves.

I can’t do this, or I can’t do that.

That’s limiting.

At Billy Donovan’s Coaching Clinic (above), I had all of the NCAA and NBA coaches stand up and promise to do their best. They agreed. I then told them to reach their right arms in the air as high as they could and hold it. After that, I told them to do the impossible…reach a quarter inch higher.

They all did.

They promised to do their best, but each and every one of them did better than their “best.”

What does this mean?

There’s no such thing as trying your best.


Ed Tseng
Director of Mental Conditioning
Monroe Sports Center


Here I am in my hotel room after a great day at Billy Donovan’s Coaching Clinic at the University of Florida. It was a great day.

I was slated to speak to 60+ college and NBA basketball coaches tonight.

I was nervous.

But I didn’t ACT nervous.

How did I do?

By the number of books/workbooks/audio CDs I sold and the fact that coaches were coming up to me afterwards asking me how they could bring me to their teams, I would say it went well.

How does this affect you as an athlete, coach, student or parent?

Accept your thoughts and feelings and take action anyway.

Don’t worry about the results, focus on the process instead.

Time for bed and goodbyes in the morning and flying out back to the Northeast.

Thanks for reading.

Ed Tseng
Director of Mental Conditioning
Monroe Sports Center