“I put a dollar in one of those change machines. Nothing changed.”

Today’s message is especially dedicated to the great Melissa Sapio.

The joke above is funny. But it is also true.

I have been teaching tennis for the past 15 years and I have seen a common theme…

People want to become better tennis players, so they pay $80/hour for a lesson. There’s nothing wrong with that. But here is the problem…

They think that the $80 will change their game.

The lesson is just the beginning. You have to take action. You have to put in the work. You have to practice between lessons.

We live in such a fast-paced society with high-speed internet, fast-food and instant oatmeal, and many of us tend to want overnight success.

Do you know how long it takes to become an overnight success?

10 years!

So if you want to become a great tennis player, be patient and put in the work. Take action and create the player you want to be.

I have a secret…

I’m not perfect.

I am making changes in my own life right now to set myself up for the future. I’m willing to sow seeds today to reap tomorrow’s harvest.

Are YOU?

Thanks for reading.


Today’s message is especially dedicated to the special guests on my radio show last night – Bob Ryland (the first black professional tennis player), Carling Bassett-Seguso (former world #8 player), Linda Courier (mother of Jim Courier, former world #1 player), and Denise Capriati (mother of Jennifer Capriati, former world #1 player).

We had a great radio show last night on how sports help you in life. As you can see, I had a powerful line-up of guests talking about their experiences in the game of tennis and their own lives.

In my book, “Game. Set. Life.” I share some of the mental secrets of the greatest athletes and successful people in history. I want to create a paradigm shift in how people teach, play and view sports. But I can’t accomplish my goals on my own. Last night, my guests helped support the message. We talked about teamwork and how nobody can do it on their own. They need help from others.

What are your goals?
Who is helping you reach those goals?
Are you making a difference?

Right after you read this blog message, think about what you want to accomplish in life. REALLY think about it. Combine what you love with what you’re good at. Help others. And have others help you.

Thanks for reading.

If you missed last night’s radio show, you can listen to the recording here:


“If you do not have success within, you have success without.”

The quote above is all you need to know if you want to be successful.

It’s all you need to know if you want to be happy.

If you truly want to become successful and happy, stop focusing on the external riches, like money, status, and material things, and start focusing more on the internal riches, like inner peace, love, and compassion. Effort and attitude are more important than outcome.

Incorporate meditation, relaxation, and self-improvement into your daily life and you will enter a new world.

We’re all so busy that we feel that we don’t have time to meditate, relax or read. But the truth is, if you’re too busy to better yourself – you’re too busy. That’s like saying you don’t have time to stop for gas because you’re too busy driving. Eventually it will catch up to you.

So here’s your homework…

Right after you read this blog, go for a walking meditation. Notice and appreciate everything around you, like the trees, the cars, the sounds, and the smells. Take deep breaths and have gratitude for all the big and little things in life. The good and the not so good.

Let me know how it goes.

Thanks for reading.


“The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination.”








Today’s message is especially dedicated to Crystal Applequist and Pam Cooper. A very Happy Birthday to you both.

“Some of us are like wheelbarrows-only useful when pushed, and very easily upset.”

I’ve worked with thousands of athletes in the past 15 years and a common theme is that…

#1 People don’t like to work hard.
#2 They let external situations get the best of them.

If you have been following my blog or read my book, you know that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. And anything is possible if you have the right strategy. Tiger Woods works harder than everybody else on tour. Venus and Serena Williams trained from 6am-6pm when they were younger. Hard work gets results.

Many athletes complain about their opponents, the weather, the field conditions, and the referees.

You can’t control these things, so why worry about them? Nothing external from you had influence over you…unless you let it. Focus on your game-plan, your attitude, and your effort. The success will come as a by-product. All the greats in history had a winning mindset.

You may not have the same physical skills as some of your teammates, co-workers, competitors, but you can instantly become better by having a better mindset than them.

Thanks for reading.


First of all, a very Merry Christmas for all of you celebrating.

It is 2:34AM on December 25th and I just got back from my amazing Australia and New Zealand trip. I had a wonderful time and met some great people like magician and Houdini expert, Bernard Reid (pictured above with me and the great Melissa Sapio). If you recall, I did not post a message on December 9th because I was crossing the international date line and never experienced December 9, 2008. And my intention was to give you two blog entries for the December 24th because I actually experienced it twice, but our flight was delayed and didn’t get home in time.

Some say that this is the most wonderful time of the year.

Many people like the holidays because they receive gifts. Others enjoy it because they get to give gifts.

My family decided long ago not to exchange gifts with each other (except for the kids) and instead we spend time together.

So if Santa doesn’t bring you what you want this year, don’t worry because they is still plenty to be grateful for.

Here are a few things on my gratitude list:

My friends
My family
My health
My dog
My car
My computer
My house
My clothes
My food
My opportunity to play/teach tennis
My opportunity to help others
My blog readers
My life.

When you focus less on wanting more possessions, and more on being grateful for all the wonderful things you already have, your whole world changes.

Life is beautiful…are you noticing?

Thanks for reading.


Today’s message is especially dedicated to the great Bob Larson.

I am confident that success will come to you.

But I am also confident about this…

Nobody’s going to ring your doorbell and hand you success. You have to go out and get it.

I have been spending hours each day promoting my new book, “Game. Set. Life.” and today, I’m going into New York City to create a buzz.

The plan is to hit Tennis Magazine, Tennis Week, ESPN, the Public Library, Sports Illustrated, Mason’s Tennis Mart and perhaps some racquet clubs.

Maybe I’ll even give some away to random people on the street. It’s all about getting yourself out there. It doesn’t matter how great you or your product/service is…if nobody knows about it, it doesn’t matter.

So expect success, but you should also CREATE success.

Thanks for reading.