Today’s message is especially dedicated to Crystal Applequist and Pam Cooper. A very Happy Birthday to you both.

“Some of us are like wheelbarrows-only useful when pushed, and very easily upset.”

I’ve worked with thousands of athletes in the past 15 years and a common theme is that…

#1 People don’t like to work hard.
#2 They let external situations get the best of them.

If you have been following my blog or read my book, you know that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. And anything is possible if you have the right strategy. Tiger Woods works harder than everybody else on tour. Venus and Serena Williams trained from 6am-6pm when they were younger. Hard work gets results.

Many athletes complain about their opponents, the weather, the field conditions, and the referees.

You can’t control these things, so why worry about them? Nothing external from you had influence over you…unless you let it. Focus on your game-plan, your attitude, and your effort. The success will come as a by-product. All the greats in history had a winning mindset.

You may not have the same physical skills as some of your teammates, co-workers, competitors, but you can instantly become better by having a better mindset than them.

Thanks for reading.

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