I caught a little leprechaun, quite wise and very old and he said to me, “You have one wish, would you like my pot of gold?” “No thank you,” was my quick reply, “But how about another… A gift that’s truly precious and esteemed above all others? “He offered then some emeralds, rubies, sapphires, pearls and a host of other treasures that would make your senses whirl! As I rejected all his list his bright eyes flashed with fire and, angrily, he said to me: “What is it you desire? “I said: “A rainbow’s far more beautiful than its’ supposed treasure and the ‘rainbow’ that I’m wishing for is priceless beyond measure. “I’d like to have the dearest friends a person ever had to share in all the good times and help me through the bad…”To laugh and sing and joke with, love and appreciate as we live life’s greatest adventure that would certainly be great!” “Oh, now I know you’re daft!” he said as he ran off with his pot… “to waste your wish on something you have already got!”
-author unknown

People search their whole lives for more money, a bigger house, nicer car, and more clothes. Why? Because they think that those things will make them happy.

Guess what?

You can be happy NOW…everything you need is already inside you.

Be grateful for all that you have and enjoy every day.

The question is not “Is life beautiful?” but instead, “Are you noticing?”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and a very special Happy Birthday to one of my favorite athletes, Brad Abouchedid, Special Olympics Gold Medalist.

Thanks for reading.

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