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In this episode of the Peak Performance Podcast, Ed has an exclusive interview with Matt Nokes, Major League baseball player, All-Star, and Silver Slugger.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What it takes to become a world-class athlete
  • The secret to Matt’s success
  • The best advice Matt Nokes ever received
  • The one thing that changed his whole career
  • How anyone can become world-class at whatever they do
  • And much more!

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PPP 022 Ingrid Kantola: Open Heart Surgery to The CrossFit Games

Ingrid Kantolapodcast_art

In this episode of the Peak Performance Podcast, Ed chats with elite athlete, Ingrid Kantola who went from being active her entire life to having open heart surgery, then qualifying for The CrossFit Games. Don’t miss this exclusive interview.

What you’ll learn:

  • What goes on in the mind of an elite athlete during competition
  • How we are all able to access flow and the zone
  • The biggest challenges for athletes during competition…and how to overcome them
  • How sports can help you in other areas of life

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Today’s message is especially dedicated to the great Noah Maxwell.

Master Okazaki is a 9th degree black belt in Shotokan karate. In his book, Perfection of Character, Guiding Principles for the Martial Arts & Everyday Life, he says…

Karate is just like hot water – if you do not give it continuous heat, it will become cold.

I don’t care if you are the world’s greatest tennis player…if you don’t continuously practice and compete, your game will deteriorate, or become cold.

As a peak performance expert and motivational speaker, I make sure that I practice as much as I can and strive for never-ending improvement, because I know that if I don’t, I will lose it, and others will surpass me. Carol Dweck, ph.D., author of Mindset, calls this a growth mindset.

Are you giving your piano playing continuous heat?

Are you giving your sales technique continuous heat?

Are you giving your nutritional plan continuous heat?


Success is not doing something once – success is doing something consistently.

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Today’s message is especially dedicated to the great Josh Passchier in Corbondale, CO.

Have you ever had a dream so real that you woke up and thought that it actually happened? A friend of mine had such a vivid dream the other night that she was in her friend’s beautiful home. The next day, she thought to herself, “Wow, I would love to live in that house.” But then she remembered that it was just a dream and that house didn’t really exist. I’m sure you’ve had dreams where things seemed like they really happened.

See, your brain doesn’t know the difference between what you envision in your mind and what happens in real life.

Most of the successful athletes, businesspeople, performers and students use visualization or imagery to reach peak performance.

You can visualize what you want to accomplish, how you want to perform or who you want to become. When you do this, you increase the chances of it actually happening. Use all your senses and make it as realistic as possible.

So use the power of your mind to your advantage. Most successful people visualize who they want to be, before they actually become that person. You can do the same.

Don’t forget, book signing at Amalfi’s Restaurant in Lawrenceville, Monday, September 22nd, 7-9PM. Great food, music, Game. Set. Life. stickers, newspaper photographers and a special Game. Set. Life. drink…the tennis ball, created by the great Jennifer Downes. See you then!

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