Tonight I spoke to the NJ Unemployed group at Mrs. G’s in Lawrenceville.

I did it for free.


Because I know that helping others and making a difference is more important than financial rewards.

You see, we can’t take our money when we leave this world, but we can take the satisfaction that the world is a better place because we lived.

Money comes and goes, but what we do and how we impact our world stays forever.

You know what the funny thing is?

The more you help others, the more money you will make (and the better your results will be).

Try it just for one day…

Be a great teammate.

Be a great romantic partner.

Be a great employee.

Focus on adding value, being the best unselfish you you can be.

And then leave your comments below.


In this video blog, Ed reports from the Mrs. G’s VIB (Very Important Blogger) event at the Trenton Thunder. Checkout the exclusive interview with Yankee prospect, Brandon Laird, who hit for the cycle in the game (including a walk-off home run).


“Forget love, I’d rather fall in chocolate.”
-author unknown

If you know me, you know I love food. I love everything from a burger at the ball game to a fillet at the Ritz.

This past Thursday, I attended an amazing event at Mrs. G’s TV and Appliances in Lawrenceville, NJ. It was the 1st Annual Chef Challenge. Three of the area’s top chefs were there – Chef Eben Copple of The Yardley Inn, Chef Peter Nowakoski of Rat’s, and Chef Jason Hensle of Salt Creek Grill.

The food was great. Take my word for it. Each chef prepared a starter, a main course and a dessert. The judges ate, then the vultures, I mean, public ate. I voted for the eventual winner, Chef Eben Copple of The Yardley Inn. McCaffrey’s donated all of the ingredients and Salt Creek Grill provided wine. And it was free. This event was a benefit for The United Way.

Not only was this a great event for fun and food, but it was a brilliant marketing idea for Debbie Schaeffer and Mrs. G’s. The above photo is of Debbie with the winners and judges.

Last night, my inner chef came out as I made a whole wheat pizza, half plain and half broccoli/red onion. Okay, I was hungry so I cheated. I used a pre-made whole wheat dough, bought mozzarella, and opened a can of Don Pepino pizza sauce. As I was opening the can of sauce, I noticed that it said, “Fully prepared.”

All of the successful people in the world are fully prepared. Not to say things always go according to plan, but preparation certainly helps in sports and life. Debbie Schaeffer, Mrs. G’s and all of the volunteers certainly prepared. The result? A great event.

Today, I am playing mixed doubles with Debbie Schaeffer, Bob Weber and a player to be named later at Pretty Brook Country Club. I’m not sure what the teams will be, but you can bet that I’ll be fully prepared.
Thanks for reading.