Today’s message is especially dedicated to the great Rich Benvin in Denver, CO.

Success is often determined by our verbage.

Have you ever used any of the following?

“I can’t do it.”

“I have to win this match.”

“If only I had more more money.”

These are limiting beliefs.

Try the following, instead…

“I can’t do it yet.”

“I want to win this match.”

“I am grateful for the money I have and I am confident that more is on the way.”

That’s a different mindset – a winning mindset. And anyone can have one.


Today’s message is especially dedicated to my sister, the great Lucy Perrine…Happy Birthday!

I know you talk to yourself. It’s okay, don’t worry. That is normal. But my question to you is how do you talk to yourself when things aren’t going your way?

There are two ways to talk to yourself. Permanently or temporarily.

Permanent self-talk:
I always crack under pressure.
I can’t beat players ranked higher than me.
I am so mentally weak.
All referees are unfair.
Why should I even try, I’m not making any more money.
I just can’t do this.

Temporary self-talk:
I had a chance to win today but just made too many errors.
I tried my best, next time I’ll do better.
I can’t do that…yet.
I lost focus towards the end today.
My energy level was low today, probably because I didn’t eat properly.

Words are powerful. Many times we don’t even realize what we are saying to ourselves. Be mindful of how you are speaking to yourself…it is the difference between winning and losing.

Don’t call it failure, call it feedback.

Thanks for reading.