What are you feeding your brain?

Negative thoughts or positive intentions?

It’s your choice what type of mental diet you have, but be mindful that you will reap what you sow.

I once knew someone who didn’t take chances and who didn’t have high expectations due to the fact that he didn’t want to be disappointed. He was right, he was rarely disappointed, but he also didn’t do much with his life.

Let me tell you a story.

There once was a young man who said, “I want to do great things in this world, and I know I can!”

Then there was an old man who said, “I wish I would have done great things in this world, and I regret that I didn’t.”

End of story. To me, this is the saddest story. Why?

Because it was the same man.

You see, you may be living, but are you ALIVE?

Are you counting the days, or are you making the days count?

Recently, I got a message on Facebook from a young man in Toronto who was determined to help others…after he received his medical degree. I said that he didn’t have to wait to get his degree to make a difference in others’ lives. He could pay someone a sincere compliment. He could volunteer his time to people in need. He could just be a good listener.

So take a look at your goals. And take a look at your mental diet.

Someone once said that the beauty of life is that you need not wait another moment to make a difference in the world.

Yes, I’m talking to YOU.

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