Message #172 Be Humble

A father lived with his son on a farm and it was time to collect some grains. As the boy looked out at the harvest, he said to his dad, “Look at how those wheat heads hold themselves up so proudly. They must be filled with the most grains.” “No my son” the father said, as he crushed those wheat heads that stood proudly, “they only contain a few poor shriveled grains. The ones that bow their heads humbly, are the ones filled with the large golden kernels of wheat.”

Humility and Modesty are two necessary individual strengths in sports and life. If you think about it, no successful person can do it on their own. You need family, friends, coaches, teammates, opponents, classmates, co-workers, bosses, employees, competitors, the list goes on…

You DO need Confidence and Self Efficacy, but you don’t need to act like the best thing since sliced bread.

Thank you Melissa S. for sharing this story.

Thanks for reading.

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“Don’t wait to become the person you might have been…” -Ed Tseng

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