As I said in yesterday’s blog, this blog and these messages are for YOU so let me know what you need. I only received one request yesterday. ONE. Now I know nobody out there is perfect, so why did only one person email me? That’s part of what is wrong with society…there are so many great resources out there, but nobody uses them. If you don’t want to post a comment, you can send me an email.

So the email I got was from a student in California. She went from working full-time and going to school part-time to going to school full-time and working part-time. The concern is that she used to have all this money to spend and now not so much.

I think wealth on the outside is nothing without wealth on the inside. I know many rich people who have mansions and 12 cars but are miserable. They want this and they want that…what they should be doing is appreciating this and appreciating that. See, everyone is chasing money and material objects, but the problem is, once they get it, they want more. So what’s happening is that they are constantly chasing happiness. But it’s already inside them. Teachers of Zen say that mastery is talking to someone when you are talking to someone and playing tennis when you are playing tennis. So become a master of your own life and a master of your destiny…stay in the present, have fun, kick butt in school then the money will come cascading towards you. Don’t forget to contribute to others.

“It’s not your landscape, it’s your mindscape.”

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Dan
    Dan says:

    That’s part of what is wrong with society…there are so many great resources out there, but nobody uses them.


    Ed, you are a great resource… continue setting the table and eventually people will get hungry and sit down to eat.

  2. Fan (Chris)
    Fan (Chris) says:

    Ed you are a wonderful and inspirational role model. I enjoy reading your blog and watching you step by step rising from a tennis coach to a successful businessman. Thanks and keep it up!

    -Chris W.


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