Today’s message is especially dedicated to the late great Mary Tseng.

As a student, coach, athlete, son, daughter or parent, I feel that many times the message gets lost.

Coaches only want the best for their players.

Parents only want the best for their children.

I know growing up my own mother said and did things that annoyed me but I now know that it all came from love. The message was lost, but at the time I did not see it that way. Coaches may be tough, but it’s because they want you to become better.

Mothers will never cease to annoy you, at times, but when they do, especially today, know that it comes from a place of love and send some love right back.

Many times we take things for granted…mothers included.

Happy Mothers’ Day.

“We too often love things and use people, when we should be using things and loving people.”

Thanks for reading.

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