Today’s message is especially dedicated to the great Cynthia Goble.

Being nervous before a match, presentation, test, or your wedding is normal. It’s much better to be nervous than not care at all. You’ll never be able to change the fact that you are nervous, but you can change how you REACT to it. Just because you FEEL nervous, doesn’t mean you have to ACT nervous. Here’s what I learned from Tiger Woods and his dad…

Tiger Woods’ Dad:
“…ask real winners about being nervous, and they’ll tell you that the crazy feeling in your stomach shows that you really care, that you’re really trying. It tells you you’re about to do something great. Tiger still gets nervous before every tournament, just like he did when he was a kid. I never tried to talk him out of it. He understood, and you should too, that it’s just a natural emotion, not a weakness. And if you really believe in your heart that you’re a winner, you can turn those nerves into something great.”

Tiger Woods:
“People often ask whether I get nervous. Of course I do! If you don’t, you shouldn’t be out here. I almost always get nervous on the first tee and it usually lasts for a few holes. But I always have inner peace on the golf course. I try to stay calm and never let anything get to me.”

There you have it…if Tiger Woods gets nervous, it’s OK if YOU get nervous. I get nervous before every talk I give. I was nervous before I was interviewed on the radio. I’m nervous all the time, I just don’t ACT nervous.

So the next time you feel nervous, ACCEPT it and then go and ACT confidently.

Thanks for reading.

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