Instead of reacting to what life brings, why don’t you create the life that you want?

If you’re an athlete, don’t just “see how you play today” but have a game plan and CREATE how you want to play. Know your strategy.

Many of us in life are like hockey goalies and constantly deflecting what happens to us, we’re just existing.

I challenge you to be on the offensive line in your sport and life so you can be the superstar and score in the game of life. I know that you CAN but WILL you?

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Resilient Cougarella
    Resilient Cougarella says:

    Yea I’m doing that. I’m actually going to start tagging up the world and everywhere I WANT to go will be in Green Pegs, everywhere I went will be blue pegs. It’s something I thought would be cool to do.


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