A very special birthday greeting to the great Grace Ho in Austin, Texas.

Although I haven’t had a terribly large number of students here in Jamaica, I still give them my all. It doesn’t matter whether I have one student or 100, they will still get my all-out effort. My thinking is that if I can help one person get better or one person enjoy their vacation that much more, my job is done. I could easily not care so much if I only have one student, but I do. It’s not quantity, it’s quality. Being a waiter is the same way. Remember, it’s the little things that get you…

Richardo is a server at Sandals Montego Bay who gives exceptional customer service. I asked Richardo what the top three keys to success in the restaurant industry were. Here’s what he had to say…

1. Keep learning
2. Stay focused
3. Stay positive and confident

There you have it from Jamaica on Day 6.

Thanks for reading.

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