Today’s message is especially dedicated to the great Derek Jeter.

Many people ask me what it takes to be a winner.

Most people think winning is the result you get, whether it’s money, a trophy, grades or a raise.

I call those things by-products.

Winning, in my mind, is your effort.

Your attitude.

Your character.

If you do your best…how can you do any better?

If you have the right attitude, you can overcome any obstacle or condition.

And if you have character, well then you’ve got it all.

Last night I watched the final game at Yankee Stadium. I enjoyed the game, the re-caps, the tributes and my own personal memories of the House that Ruth Built. It was hard to choose one thing to blog about, but after the game, I knew instantly…

After the final out and some celebration, the New York Yankees and their captain, Derek Jeter, took the microphone at the pitcher’s mound.

Jeter spoke on behalf of the team and he didn’t talk about how great they were, or their 26 World Championships.

He talked about what an honor it was to put on the pinstripes. And talked about how it was a team effort from players present and past. And most importantly, they thanked their fans…and they meant it. That’s class.

Many people hate the Yankees because they have won so much and they have such a big payroll. I can see that. But I’m a Yankee for life because they have class. They are professionals. And last night confirmed it.

Yankee Stadium…thanks for the memories.

Thanks for reading.

Hope to see you tonight at the first book signing of “Game. Set. Life.” at Amalfi’s Restaurant in Lawrenceville, 7-9 PM.

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