Ed donating a copy of “Game. Set. Life.” to the Arthur Ashe Library, one of the top tennis collections in the world.

Today’s message is especially dedicated to all the great staff, parents, and players at Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis and Education in Philadelphia, PA.

Yesterday, I began my talk at Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis and Education by saying that all success in tennis begins on the six inch tennis court between your ears. Your mind is a powerful thing and it is your choice whether you use it in a positive way or a negative way.

There was a female tennis pro who, when very young, witnessed her mother have a heart attack and die suddenly in a dentist chair. And for 30 years, this woman refused to go to the dentist.

Finally, her teeth were in such poor condition that she HAD to go to the dentist. So she sat in the dentist’s chair, and something shocking happened…

The woman had a sudden heart attack and died in the dentist chair!

So she mentally killed herself. This is an example of how we can use our minds in a negative way.

You will never totally eliminate negative thoughts, but if you focus on them for so long that they paralyze you, there’s a problem.

Be your own inner coach instead of inner critic.

Thanks for reading.

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