In this month’s tennis magazine there is a great article on Rafael Nadal and how he became so successful. His coach, Toni Nadal spoke on Rafa’s sources of motivation…

“These are based on two things: First of all, his mental ability, just the way he is. Second, he has been working very hard since he was a kid. We practiced with some bad balls, bad court, bad bounces. So he learned. When something goes wrong for him, he doesn’t blame the court, the bounce or the strings. He always blame himself for not doing better. So now he’s a very tough person. Tough on himself. It helps him be stronger, mentally.”

If you want to be like the great ones, you need to think like the great ones and do what they do. Your physical skills take a while to develop, but you can instantly improve today by having a winning mindset and giving your all in everything you do.

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