Today’s message is especially dedicated to all the student-athletes trying out for high school spring sports this week.

One of my favorite things to do is study extremely successful performers – elite athletes, CEOs, musicians, presidents, doctors, and students. I have found that one thing they have in common is this…


Last night I was on a tele-seminar on focus with Dr. Rob Gilbert and Mike Schwartz. Physical skills take a while to develop, on the field, in the classroom and at the office, but you can instantly become better by changing your focus.

What are you focusing on?

Basketball players, while taking a foul shot, should focus on a specific part of the rim. However, the ones that miss are focusing on something else, like the crowd or that they may miss the shot.

Many people tend to focus too little and think too much. This is called paralysis by analysis.

We need to focus, but we need to focus on the right things, such as the process versus the product. The process is your effort, strategy and attitude. The product is winning.

When you focus less on winning, you actually win more.

When practicing, studying or reading, do it for 15 minutes, then take a break. Repeat. We can only focus for a certain period of time and by taking regular breaks, we can stay focused for longer periods of time.

Multi-tasking was also a topic of discussion. We can do between five to eight things at one time, but we can only do ONE thing well.

Focus on one thing. The right thing. And go all out.

So good luck to all of you trying out this week and remember what FOCUS stands for…

Follow One Course Until Successful

Thanks for reading.

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