“The bird doesn’t sing because it’s happy; it’s happy because it sings…Until now, it was always thought that it was necessary to feel in order to act. But now we know that if we act, the feeling follows. I believe this is the most important discovery of the century for human development.”

Everything depends on belief. Belief creates opportunity. If you believe you will fail, you won’t even begin to try. But if you try, there is always a chance you will succeed. If you fail, you can always try again. With belief the possibilities are endless.

Most people say, “I’ll do it the moment I feel like it.” That’s not the way successful people operate. People who succeed start to do things right away and then find that soon after they can feel the effects of their efforts.

Behavior changes feelings; feelings change through behavior. Intention without action is a delusion. Belief directs action, which directs results.

True belief is the belief in possibility. It is very critical to be able to distinguish between possibility and expectation. Everything I plan in my future I plan as a possibility. If it doesn’t happen, it continues to be a possibility. If I plan my future as an expectation, I will become frustrated if it doesn’t work out; I will lose my ability to believe.


(From Success is No Accident by Dr. Lair Ribeiro)

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