“I get nervous before every shot.”

One thing I love to do is listen to interviews after peak performances by athletes.

The Masters was won yesterday by Angel Cabrera, after a three-way, sudden-death playoff. In his interview, he made some great comments.

Q. It looked like you were having a lot of fun out there, especially as things got particularly tense; is that true?

ANGEL CABRERA: Yes, you’re right, I was happy with my game and I had confidence. I was just trying to enjoy the moment.

Q. Any nerves?

ANGEL CABRERA: Oh, at this stage of the Tournament, any player who says he does not feel nerves, he’s not human.

Q. What do you think of your chances to actually win this Tournament, when you were two shots down with two holes to play?

ANGEL CABRERA: I told my caddie, you know, “It’s a birdie against a bogey, two holes left, I still have a good chance.”

Why did Angel Cabrera win the Masters?

1. He was having fun and stayed in the moment.
2. He was nervous, but didn’t act nervous.
3. He was optimistic even when he was down.

It doesn’t matter who you are, or what you do…you can still use the mental skills that the world’s top athletes, like Angel Cabrera have.

Thanks for reading.

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