Yesterday, Melanie Oudin did it again at the US Open.

The 17 year-old from Georgia scored yet another upset, by beating Nadia Petrova.

I hope by reading my blog messages this past week, you are starting to believe that anything is possible on and off the court. Many great players have lost to no-name players. It’s not about the ranking, it’s about who plays better on that day.

In my book, “Game. Set. Life.” I talk about Brad Gilbert’s philosophy, according to Andre Agassi…

“One of the biggest things I’ve gotten from Brad is how to stay in a match when things aren’t going my way. He believes that 5 percent of the time your opponent is in the zone and you won’t win; 5 percent of the time you’re in the zone and you can’t lose. But the other 90 percent of the time, it’s up for grabs; there is a way to win. You’ve got to figure out what that is. And to do that you’ve got to stay positive. You’ve got to believe.”

Melanie Oudin is certainly following that philosophy.

In fact, written on her pink and yellow Adidas Barricade tennis shoes is this…


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