“All of the ability is already inside you.”
-Rob Gilbert, Ph.D., Professor of Sport Psychology, Montclair State University

Look inside.

Look all around you.

It’s never been easier to succeed. No longer is it about talent. It’s all about having the right strategy and putting in the work.

Look at all of the resources around you – books, DVDs, podcasts, workshops, the internet and more.

You can have your own private pitching coach. Your own private nutritionist. Your own private strength and conditioning coach.

But here’s the kicker…

You have to put in the work.

If you work hard, you will surpass those with talent that do not work hard.

I know what you’re thinking, that it’s not cool to try. But do you want to be cool or do you want to be great?

As you’re working hard, some people may call you a nerd or loser…

But later on, those same people are going to call you…


Thanks for reading.

Don’t forget…tomorrow, Sunday, October 4th at Yogaphoria in New Hope, PA, I will be giving a free workshop with the great Naime Jezzeny on Peak Performance for Athletes. 10am.

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