“I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was.

Last night I saw an amazing performance at Princeton’s McCarter Theatre. It was “Fetch Clay, Make Man” by Will Power, featuring Ben Vereen.

Two scenes stuck in my mind.

The first one was when Muhammad Ali, played by Evan Parke, was visualizing his upcoming boxing match with Sonny Liston. Stepin Fetchit, played by Ben Vereen, watched as Ali visualized the win, and then said, “Very good, now let’s see how it will look when you lose.”

“I’m not going to lose,” Ali snapped.

“Are you sure about that? Jack Johnson used to visualize his losses, so that he saw all possible outcomes.”

I really like that.

Not enough athletes visualize, and the ones that do, only visualize the positive scenarios. When you visualize potential problems, many times you will overcome them when they arise.

Stay tuned for Part II tomorrow…

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