Secret Success Formula…

This post is especially dedicated to Coach Rob Polishook and his girls tennis team at Summit High School…

D – T = N

A Dream minus a Team equals a Nightmare.

Those of you that are on sports teams, remember this formula.
Those of you that are in the business world, remember this formula.
Those of you that are in the medical field, remember this formula.
Those of you who are part of a family, remember this formula.
EVERYONE…remember this formula.

If you went up to the most successful people in the world and asked them how they became so successful…if they are honest with you, they will mention several names of people that helped them along the way or tell you the members of their “team.” Nobody can do it on their own.

Someone once said, “I use all the brains I have…and all that I can borrow.”

This formula works because not only do you get new ideas, but you inspire each other and push each other. If you hang around successful people, you will become one. You can’t stick your hand in a pot of glue without some of it sticking. People are also holding you accountable. When you make a public statement about what you’re going to do and people know about it, you are more likely to get it done.

So if you can read this…you need to start forming your team. But remember, success is about balance, so if you only have a great team at work, that’s not good enough…you need a great team in your personal life, for fitness, nutrition, spirituality, finance, academics, hobbies, etc. If you have people that fit in more than one of these categories, even better. Learn from each other, push each other, and support each other.

Homework: Start making a list of people who you want on your “dream team” and start taking action. “The journey of 1,000 miles begins with ONE STEP.”

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