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In this episode of the Peak Performance Podcast, Ed sits down in New York City for an intimate conversation with Preethaji, co-founder of the One World Academy. Preethaji is a meditation master who has taught thousands of people how to improve their well-being and improve performance in all walks of life, including Anthony Robbins. In this exclusive interview, Ed and Preethaji discuss:

  • How meditation and understanding how the mind works can help with peak performance
  • The two states of mind from which people operate
  • The zone and how it is easier to access than most think
  • Why most of the world suffers and how we can overcome a lack of happiness and confidence, and do our best when it means the most

For more on One World Academy:

Instagram: @oneworldacademy



We all know that sports are about 80 percent mental, so doesn’t that mean we should practice our mental game 80 percent of the time?

I met with meditation teacher, Jonathan Star yesterday and he explained his theory of “The Art of Being On” to me. It was very intriguing. An average tennis match lasts about 90 minutes and only approximately 18 of those minutes are actually playing. So Star developed a meditation to help you win “the game between points.”

Nobody can do it all on their own. Use all the brains you have and all that you can borrow. (Woodrow Wilson) I have a feeling Mr. Star and I will be collaborating on several projects in the near future. We have already begun planning a joint seminar.

Jonathan sought me out from the Princeton Peak Performance Meetup Group I started (see sidebar). The secret to success is to have a growth mindset and strive for constant improvement, but remember you don’t have to do it all on your own.

Ideas are the best currency – If you exchange dollar bills with someone, you both have one dollar bill. But if you exchange ideas, you both have TWO ideas.

Author’s note: Day 3 of my 21-Day Challenge is in full-force with being on court and hitting lessons. I will be sure to break a sweat and even do some running with my students.

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One area of sports psychology is relaxation/stress reduction.

In sports and life, we reach peak performance by staying in the present moment, using relaxed focus.

Here is a mini-meditation, an ancient technique used by monks that you can use anytime, anywhere to relax, reduce stress and stay in the present moment.

Take a couple deep breaths…in through the nose for four seconds and out through the nose for four seconds, from the stomach (vs the chest).

Now just observe the rise and fall of your abdomen. Don’t force it, just observe it. Thoughts may arise, that’s okay, just accept them and go back to focusing on the rising and falling.

Continue on your own for a few moments….

Notice while you were meditating, you didn’t have many thoughts going on in your head (if you did, that just means that you need to practice)…you weren’t thinking about work. You weren’t thinking about school. You weren’t thinking about getting a goldfish.

Life moves pretty fast, but when you make time for relaxation (meditation), you will have less stress, which is the main cause of disease and sickness. When you have less stress, you will perform at a higher level, slow life down and begin to enjoy the process.

You can use this technique at work, on line at the grocery store or before you perform at Carnegie Hall.


I have a feeling someone reading this message has been stressed.

Perhaps you were stressed about your sport, your job or your relationship.

Stress is the biggest killer in the world.

So how can you decrease stress in your life?

I was just meditating on my balcony on the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship. I was looking out at the ocean. The blue water was crashing alongside the ship with a calming sound. The air smelled fresh. I had gratitude for everything I have in my life, the good and the bad.

What can you do?

Listen to some calming music or sounds of nature.
Be grateful.
Watch some comedy.
Work out.

I know what you’re thinking, I don’t have the time…

Well guess what?

If you’re too busy to make time for relaxation…

You’re too busy!

Thanks for reading.

Tomorrow…Snorkeling with sea dragons in Melbourne.