The only limits we have in this world are the ones we put on ourselves.

During my TEDxPrincetonLibrary talk, I mentioned the greatest joke—the one we tell ourselves.

I can’t do this, or I can’t do that.

That’s limiting.

At Billy Donovan’s Coaching Clinic (above), I had all of the NCAA and NBA coaches stand up and promise to do their best. They agreed. I then told them to reach their right arms in the air as high as they could and hold it. After that, I told them to do the impossible…reach a quarter inch higher.

They all did.

They promised to do their best, but each and every one of them did better than their “best.”

What does this mean?

There’s no such thing as trying your best.


Ed Tseng
Director of Mental Conditioning
Monroe Sports Center



Next Wednesday, June 1, 2011, I will be giving “the talk of my life” at the eagerly-awaited TEDxPrincetonLibrary event in Princeton, New Jersey. It will be an honor to be among nine other inspiring speakers for a full day of “spreading ideas” and networking. For the next four days, I will be posting some of my favorite TED talks from my favorite resource on the planet. Here’s Dan Gilbert talking about happiness. Enjoy.


In this video blog, Ed Tseng reports from the TEDx NJ Libraries Conference in Princeton, New Jersey.


This message is especially dedicated to the great Janie Hermann.

Today is the day I’ve been waiting for…the TEDx Conference in Princeton, NJ.

If you don’t know about my favorite resource check it out here.

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. Every year the TED conference in California has a line-up of some of the most amazing speakers and thought-leaders in the world and the videos are on the TED website.

Now, all over the world, there are TEDx (Independently run) events and I was thrilled to hear one was coming to Princeton. I could not pass up this opportunity, especially since it increases my chances of speaking at a future TEDx event.

Culture and Community is the theme for this year’s event and there will be a great lineup of speakers and attendees.

This topic is an important one for me because I have been in this tennis community for nearly my whole life and have experienced people from all different cultures. But to me, it’s not about tennis. It’s not about creating great players. It’s about creating great people who can perform under pressure, set goals, have confidence, enjoy the process and overcome adversity.

There will be some great leaders at the event today but they won’t be there to attract new followers, they will be there to attract new leaders.