Message # 108 Are You Awake?

IT IS SAID that soon after his enlightenment the Buddha passed a man on the road who was struck by the Buddha’s extraordinary radiance and peaceful presence. The man stopped and asked, “My friend, what are you? Are you a celestial being or a god?”

“No,” said the Buddha.
“Well, then, are you some kind of magician or wizard?”
Again, the Buddha answered, “No.”
“Are you a man?”
“Well, my friend, then what are you?” The Buddha replied, “I am awake.”


The name Buddha literally means “one who is awake.” Many people go through life, mindlessly. Remember, we have about 60,000 thoughts a day and 95% of those are the same as the day before.

We are our habits.

If you don’t like the results you’re getting, change your habits. Is it difficult? No, change is easy, maintenance is a challenge. But who doesn’t love a challenge?

I meditate at least 30 times a day. I just stop whatever I’m doing and appreciate all that I have and all that is around me. Basically, I have GRATITUDE. By doing this, not only have I managed to SLOW life down, but I’m also healthier, happier and more productive. I am enlightened, awake.

So wake up!!! Work hard, but enjoy life. If you appreciate all the good AND all of the bad, you will be enlightened. They can take your house away; they can take your car away; they can even take your ipod away; but if you have inner peace and stability, NOBODY can EVER take that away.

People wait until they become successful (whatever that means) to be happy. It doesn’t work that way…you can be happy NOW; it is a choice.

Thanks for reading.

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