Message #138 What Does Meaning, Mean?

Today’s message is especially dedicated to the great Patrick Amice.

What is Meaning?

What is Inspiration?

Like many things, if you ask 10 people the same question, you may get 10 different answers. So I can’t really tell you that there is ONE definition of meaning and inspiration, but I CAN tell you this…


Everyone wants happiness. Everyone wants fulfillment. Everyone wants to get to the next level.

But not everybody knows HOW to do it.

If you love what you do, you will have inspiration. But the key is having gratitude EVERYDAY for it, otherwise you will take it for granted.

If you you truly care about making a difference and helping others, you will have meaning. But the key is incorporating this philosophy into your everyday activities.

The best way to get inspired is to inspire somebody else. The best way to get motivated is to motivate someone else. By doing this, not only are you helping others AND yourself, but you are adding VALUE to your life.

Here are a few things you can do to put Inspiration and Meaning into your life:

-Love what you do, even if you have to fake it for a bit.
-Spend some time EVERY morning to think about what you are grateful for; this will set your “mental” tone for the day.
-Give someone a compliment, even if it’s a stranger.
-Help out a co-worker or fellow student.
-Teach someone a skill that they don’t own.
-Volunteer at a local hospital.
-Start a blog and give tips on something you are knowledgeable in.

There are so many ways to add Inspiration and Meaning to your life, but often times we are too busy that we don’t get around to it.

What works is deciding how often you want to do those things and putting it on your calendar or in your blackberry. If you are too busy to make your life better…YOU’RE TOO BUSY!

“Try not to become a man of success, but a man of value.” – Albert Einstein

Thanks for reading.

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