Message #156 Be the Change You Want to See in the World

I met Alex Salzman last month at the Book Bank Foundation’s “Shelter From the Streets” event in NYC. Mr. Salzman began something amazing in 2007, with two other co-founders that you will be hearing a lot about in the near future. is an online community where individuals, non-profit organizations, and socially responsible businesses unite on solutions to social and environmental issues. People are already calling it “ with a conscience.”

From the site…

Today, over 27,000 children died around the world

by Anup Shah

Around the world, 27–30,000 children die every day.
That is equivalent to:

1 child dying every 3 seconds
20 children dying every minute
A 2004 Asian Tsunami occurring almost every week
An Iraq-scale death toll every 15–35 days
10–11 million children dying every year
Over 50 million children dying between 2000 and 2005
The silent killers are poverty, hunger, easily preventable diseases and illnesses, and other related causes. In spite of the scale of this daily/ongoing catastrophe, it rarely manages to achieve, much less sustain, prime-time, headline coverage.

Source: The Cause of Poverty

Making a lot of money won’t leave you fulfilled. Winning the US Open won’t leave you fulfilled. Doing your part and leaving the world better than you found it WILL. Please watch the video below.

Thanks for reading.

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