Today’s message is especially dedicated to the great Alice Wells.

It’s 5:24 am and I am so motivated. I have a challenge ahead of me today. I teach from 8 am until noon and then at 3:15 I will be giving one of my most important motivational talks ever…three in a row, in fact.

My audience will be the inmates at the Mercer County Juvenile Detention Center, my toughest audience in all respects. The reason why I’m giving three talks instead of one is because many of the inmates are from different gangs and it wouldn’t be smart to mix them.

Am I nervous? Yes.

Am I excited? Yes.

My thinking going into my talks is that even though these people have made bad choices and taken wrong turns, they are still just like you and me…human beings trying to find happiness in this world. Many are from broken homes and/or have been abused and not cared for. Well, I’m going there today to tell them that I care…that there’s hope. Because society looks down on juvenile delinquents, thinking they’re violent and uncivilized and that in turn makes them FEEL violent and uncivilized. So guess what? Then they will ACT violent and uncivilized. It’s like anything else, sports, sales or school…a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So today if I could get just ONE person to take a step back and think differently, it will be all worth it.

I’ll be sure to give you a full report tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.

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