Photos from Tocoloshi Zim’s recent trip to Zimbabwe and South Africa.
Today’s message is especially dedicated to the great Gia Bocra Liwski.

Anyone can perform at a high level if they are “in the zone,” but it’s the great ones that can put themselves in the zone more often. And although they can not avoid slumps, they can certainly shorten their duration.

Most slumps occur because the performer (athlete, musician, actor/actress, student, employee, etc) focuses on the wrong thing at the wrong time. In most peak performances, there is very little self-talk. During a slump, on the other hand, there is much internal dialog occurring.

“I can’t believe I lost the first set!”

“What if I lose this match?!”

The problem is that during a slump, the performer is focusing on either the past or the future.

Staying in the present is one of the keys to peak performance. Concentrate on how you can do something instead of if you can.

“Guilt is in the past. Anxiety is in the future. The power is in the present.”-author unknown

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