“People only see what they are prepared to see.”~ RALPH WALDO EMERSON

There is no good or bad.
There is no right or wrong.
Our perception is our reality.

Two people can experience the same event and walk away with two different perspectives.

If you lose a tennis match, you can walk away saying…

“I lost. I’m a terrible player.”

Or you can say…

“Even though the score wasn’t to my liking, I actually learned quite a bit and next time I will do better.”

If you lost your job, you could feel sorry for yourself or you could look at it as a blessing in disguise to do something that you really love.

Look at the image above for a few moments.

What do you see?

There is no correct answer. You might see a giant corkscrew. Look at it from another angle and you might see smoke from a chimney, or a giant clam opening. It may remind some people of Rapunzel’s long hair.

So there are different ways to see things. Try to look at things from different perspectives and remember, there is no right or wrong and there is no good or bad.

It is your choice whether you see things as positive or negative.

Thanks for reading.
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