“I am just a regular guy, and I’ll show you what a regular guy can do”

It’s French Open time.

The red clay at Roland Garros is definitely slower than the courts at the Australian Open, Wimbledon and the US Open, but that ball will still be hit over 100 miles per hour.

It will be hit with different spins, at different heights over the net, and all over the 78 foot long court.

But look at the tennis ball photograph above. That ball only has potential energy. Nothing will happen until its state changes. Nothing changes until that player picks it up, tosses it in the air and puts it in play.

You are like that tennis ball.

You are potential energy. You could have all these great ideas. You could say you’re going to do all these great things. But unless you actually change states and take action, nothing will happen.

Take action today.

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