“You don’t know what you don’t know.”
-author unknown

Sometimes things happen in your life and it’s as if a light bulb suddenly went on in your head. An “Aha” moment. An enlightenment, if you will.

Well, I had one of these recently in yoga.

The first class that I took was difficult. I had to stop during some of the poses because I couldn’t hold them any longer.

But there were two factors involved. The first one was that I was using different muscles and wasn’t conditioned to do some of the moves.

It’s not that I couldn’t do them, but that I couldn’t do them…yet.

But the biggest lesson I learned was that I didn’t have the right strategy. When the poses started to get tough, my focus was on the fact that I couldn’t hold it any longer. That is the wrong mindset.

My yoga practice and life changed when my instructor, the great Vanessa Kudrat said, “When it gets tough, breathe deeper. Focus on another body part – anything except the fact that it is difficult.”

It works!!!

I was doing an inversion (shoulder stand) the other night and it started getting difficult, but I took deeper breaths. I focused on my feet. I held it for over a minute longer when I thought I couldn’t go a second longer.

Most people get tighter or more intense when things get difficult.

The key is getting more relaxed. Breathing deeper. Focusing on something else.

I have already used this strategy in other areas of life. In fact, with this new technique, I don’t think there’s anything I can’t do.
When you push yourself through difficulty, you enter a whole new world and you accomplish things you never thought you could.

Isn’t it funny that the fitness club that I take yoga at is called, CanDo?

There’s a reason.

Thanks for reading.
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