Today’s message is especially dedicated to the great Thanusha Puvananayagam.

Does the fastest horse always win the race?

Of course not.

Does the better player always win the match?


Look at Tiger Woods and Y.E. Yang at the PGA. Y.E. Yang beat the great Tiger Woods. In fact, he was the first Asian to win a major.

“Consider this: Yang started the day as a 20-1 underdog, according to an online sports wagering site. Woods was a 2-9 favorite, roughly the same as Secretariat in his prime against your pet cocker spaniel.

‘You never know in life,’ Yang said through his interpreter, Ryan Park.” (LA Times)

What happened?

Yang played great and Tiger didn’t. Sometimes that happens.

So what does this mean for you?

Don’t give up. Believe that anything is possible. Don’t worry about rankings, they don’t matter.

On any given day, the player that plays better wins.

Bottom line.

You’ve gotta have HOPE. (Hold On Possibilities Exist)

Thanks for reading.

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