“Don’t worry about things you can’t control.”

Well, I’m back in Princeton, NJ after a whirlwind NYC tour at the USTA Tennis Teachers Conference and a US Open book signing. I am pleased with how everything turned out.

If you read my message from Monday, you know that there was a mix-up with the ordering of my books for the TTC. I had a book signing but no books. It worked out and books were available.

I couldn’t control the fact that I didn’t have books five hours before my book signing. It wasn’t easy, but I focused on preparing for my talk and staying in the present moment.

Your life is the same way. There will always be challenges. Someone once said, “Life is a series of problem-solving events.”
It’s true. You can’t control the problems, but you can control your perception of them. And you can control your response. On the court. In school. At work. At home.

Yesterday, I had a book signing at the US Open bookstore, just before Billie Jean King. It went very well; I sold some books, then met Billie Jean. She was very nice. She called me Edwardo. Funny. I gave her a copy of my book and she signed an old Time magazine for me, thanks to my friend, Melissa Sapio, editor of “Game. Set. Life.” and a great GSL promoter.

The rest of the day was spent catching up with friends and tennis pros from all over the world, though I did manage to watch one set of Cilic’s match in the Grandstand.

I met some great people in the industry at the Tennis Teachers Conference and US Open. It was a pleasure presenting my workshop and experiencing this great event.

I could focus on the things that didn’t go so well, but why would I waste that energy?

I hope you enjoyed the photos above.

For those of you in the Princeton, NJ area, don’t miss my peak performance workshop and US Open party tomorrow at Mrs. G’s TV and Appliances in Lawrenceville. 6-9pm.
Thanks for reading.
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