Today’s message is especially dedicated to the great, Eileen Sinett.

Goal setting is one of the keys to peak performance. But goal setting is not enough. You need to have an accountability partner to keep you on track.

Recently, I had a meeting with speech coach, Eileen Sinett. Eileen is writing a book, but has put it off lately. Well, I’m helping her reach her goal. Sinett wants to finish the first draft of her book by July 31, 2010. To ensure that she makes that happen, we made a not-so-friendly wager.

If Eileen does not reach her goal, she must take me and my girlfriend, Sarah to dinner anyplace we want…on the planet.

I told her I always wanted to go to Paris.

Do you think she won’t get it done?

Time will tell, but I have faith in her. So set your goals and get an accountability partner.

And Eileen, get writing…

Thanks for reading.

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