Recently, I was watching the press conference for Yankee catcher, Jorge Posada’s retirement from baseball. As Jorge spoke, reflected on his career and answered questions from the media, I couldn’t help but think about a story I once heard about the young Posada in Puerto Rico.

When Jorge was just starting out in baseball, Jorge Sr. insisted that Jorge become a switch-hitter, but Jorge hated batting left-handed.

“He cried and he cried, and he cried, because in the game he would strike out, and strike out, and strike out,” his father said.

In fact, in his first 17 left-handed at-bats, the young Jorge struck out each time.

Then, in his 18th at-bat Jorge hit a home run. After he rounded the bases, the proud young Jorge said, “Oh father, thank you. Thank you, father.”

The greatest athletes in the world know that persistence pays off.

Are you willing to put off what you want now for what you want most?

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