One day, an old man found himself sitting next to a young man on the local bus. It was February 14th, Valentines’ Day and the old man was holding a bouquet of flowers. They got to talking and the young man said, “Those are beautiful flowers.”

“Thank you, I’m going to go bring them to my wife,” the old man said. “Do you have a girlfriend?” the old man asked back.

“Yes, she is wonderful and we are very happy, but I don’t have any money to buy her a gift for Valentine’s Day.”

The old man gave a sympathetic smile and the two men were silent for a moment.

Then, the bus stopped and the old man stood up to get off. He faced the young man, handed him the bouquet of flowers and said, “Here, my wife would want you to have these,” as he walked off the bus.

The young man, stunned and grateful, looked out the window as the old man slowly walked across the street, and entered the cemetery.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. Remember, it’s about others.

Today, and every day, strive to be a better teammate, coach, son, daughter, mother, father, husband, wife, student and person, by focusing less on yourself and more on making a difference in others’ lives.

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