Last Friday, I went into New York City to visit my good friend, Bob Ryland, the first black professional tennis player. Bob was Arthur Ashe’s hero and used to coach Barbra Streisand, Bill Cosby and the Williams sisters. We had a wonderful lunch and talked about tennis and life. He is one of my heros, and if you want to watch the video we did back in 2009 at his NYC home, click here.

While I was riding the subway, last Friday, I heard some city kids talking about school. I assume they were seniors in high school because one of them mentioned a tip that her teacher gave her about college.

“My teacher told me to hang out with the jocks in college…because they have copies of all the tests.”

Most students just want the “A,” and most athletes just want the “trophy.”

I think much of society has it all wrong.

Assume this student gets all “A’s” by getting all of the tests.

Then what? Will she graduate and then become a great worker that has character?

No, she will either be lost and/or try to “cheat” in her job, as well.

This is a recipe for disaster.

As a coach, and future parent, I have children focus on the love of learning; the love of constant improvement. When you enjoy the process, including the challenges, you have more satisfaction in what you are doing. Not only that, but you will also retain more of your skill.

There is no easy path to success.

Actually, there is…


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