Message #162 Message From Sergeant Bates

Today’s message is dedicated to the great Alex Pepperman.

Yesterday I met with George O. Bates Jr., Sergeant, United States Army. I asked Sergeant Bates what he felt the top three traits were needed to succeed in the Army.

He said that you need a positive attitude; you have daily interaction with people and you need to be on top of your game as, well as have good energy.

Also, selflessness; in the Army, you need to work as a TEAM, and help each other out.

Finally, integrity; you have to have good character and do the right thing, consistently.

So the more you read this blog, the more you will see that the principles needed to achieve success in one area of life are the same as the principles that are needed to achieve success in ALL areas of life. Talk to as many experts as you can and ask them what it takes to become great in their field.

Watch the video below on getting to the next level.

Thanks for reading.

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